Living a life with regret is an inevitable journey for us homo sapiens.  Well-known author Daniel Pink  andI have written about it and how you can put it to work for your benefit.

The Power of Personal Accountability is your ticket to getting more of the right things done … and helping everyone on your teams and in your organization to follow your lead.

We celebrated International Women’s Day on Tuesday. Here are 6 women leaders with suggestions about how women leaders can help other women leaders succeed.

There’s a lot here this week so you’ll find a separate Table of Contents when you check it out. There are articles about the workplace, communicating with employees, the daycare crisis and more.

Why Moms Yell!


Many of us rely on TV ratings as a guide to what’s new and interesting, but how are TV ratings captured and tracked? Apparently, they don’t always work so well, particularly with the wide array of streaming options these days.

Last week, I reminded you of the Russia’s 1930’s deliberate and relentless starvation of the Ukrainian people known as the Holomodor. Sadly, it’s happening again.

Robin Williams was a very funny man. Here’s a quick reflection when I was the butt of one of his jokes … and his description of how golf was invented.


Don’t say I never gave you a chance to make some $. Here’s how you can check to make sure that none of the $50 BILLION in unclaimed property held by the states has got your name on it. You might be surprised.


Thankfully, there is hope that AI will reduce traffic congestion … and great ideas about how to dispose of the stuff you’ve got stuffed everywhere.

Apple held their major Spring Event on Tuesday this week with some stunning announcements that rhyme with speed and performance … along with a stunning Mac Studio & Studio Display.