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How AI can change the way we drive

Wanna know exactly how much time you waste in congested traffic?

I didn’t think so … but it’s about 55 hours/year due to congestion alone according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s 2021 Urban Mobility report.

But relief is in sight and you’ll learn about that and a little history about traffic and traffic lights when you read the Popular Science article, Can AI traffic lights revolutionize city streets?

  • First traffic light, er, gas lamp? London, 1868.
  • First electric traffic light? Cleveland, 1914.
  • The patent for the first three-position signal?San Francisco, 1922.

So, who says you don’t learning anything around here?

How do you sell you old stuff?

These days there are lots of places to dispose of stuff you don’t want. It’s no longer eBay only.

There’s some kind of a minimalist philosophy afoot, ranging from Marie Kondo’s KonMari method, to the Minimalist’s 20/20 rule that if you can get an item for less than $20 within 20 minutes, don’t keep it “just in case”.

Check out all these ideas to start unloading the stuff you’ve stuffed in that spare room, garage or shack out back.

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