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There’s only about $50 Billion in Unclaimed Property laying around ….

It’s hard to believe there is almost $50 Billion … yes, that’s BILLION … in unclaimed assets among the states.

That’s a lot of Benjamins floating around. You can find the top states for unclaimed property here, but it’s no surprise that New York is #1.

In short, “Unclaimed Property” is generally money or its equivalent (like an insurance policy) that belongs to you but because you couldn’t be found, the money is sent to the state’s unclaimed property department.

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Run a Search. You might be surprised.

If you want to see if you have any unclaimed property, you can start with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

The FDIC also provides a list of all of the individual unclaimed property departments for every state, which you can find here.

You won’t necessarily find everything there, so consider checking these sites as well:

A tip of the hat to the IFOD for providing much of this information.