Don’t miss this article, which provides a 4 Step Approach to implementing After Action Reviews. They’re critical to building stronger teams and implementing more successful projects.

You’re heard it before and you KNOW that FEEDBACK is critical to building successful teams. But there’s more you can do to make sure that the critical feedback that’s needed most – gets delivered most.

If you’re struggling to get more of the Right Things Done, you’re telling yourself you don’t have time to create and sustain a trusted system … so you’ll just keep plugging along and try to keep up. Don’t do that. Read this.

What’s the solution to what’s being called The Great Resignation? One problem? Job-Hoppers are getting 30% raises!


The 2022 Thriller Awards are out. Deciphering the shorthand of Charles Dickens. More from the Mystery Corner.

Don’t miss this fascinating article about the love songs we love … and hate …  and cry over. If you’re a music lover, a who isn’t, you’ll find a lot of interesting insights into our obsession with love songs.


There are some amazing hyperpolyglots around, defined as someone who can speak at least 11 languages with fluency. In the not so good department, the risk of a San Francisco earthquake is growing.

Sadly, the recent Russian invasion of the Ukraine, brought back memories of a ignominious moment in history – the Holomodor. It was the forced death by starvation of 4 million Ukrainian people. That time it was Joseph Stalin.

A lot of stuff here from the perils of remote work … my love for the Kindle Oasis e-reader … the Seed Vault … and 3-D printed homes.

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