Here’s another great choice for YOUR Single Word for 2022.

I hope you’ve done that, and if not, you can find a step-by-step approach in What Word Will Fuel Your 2022 Success?, where you’ll also learn about my choice for 2022.

Another word that was a finalist for me was taken from the book, Great by Choice by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen

A quarter of a century after Intel’s success with their 1103 chip, they rearticulated their core values. It would seem reasonable after that breakthrough success, they would have chosen innovation or creativity as the #1 core value atop the list?


The chose DISCIPLINE and touted the mantra, “Intel Delivers”.

“It was our ability to deliver the parts that swung the balance in our favor,” said Robert Noyce of Intel’s early success. Intel obsessed over manufacturing, delivery, and scale. “We want to do one good job on engineering,” continued Noyce, “and sell it over and over again.” [Great by Choice]

Let me share with you a bit more about the founders vision for Intel and their famous maxim, Moore’s Law:

Intel’s founders believed that innovation without discipline leads to disaster. “This business lives on the brink of disaster,” said Gordon Moore in 1973, referring to the tendency of overeager technologists to overpromise what they can deliver and then fail to come through with enough reliable chips at affordable cost. Indeed, the original statement of Moore’s Law, written by Moore in 1965, focused not just on doubling the complexity of integrated circuits per year (the innovation element) but also doing so at minimum cost. Adhering to Moore’s Law was a discipline game, a scale game, a systems game, not just an innovation game. [Great by Choice]

Discipline is the driver of much of our success:

  • What drives you to complete a project you wish wasn’t yours?
  • What gets you to the gym when you’d rather relax with a cold one?
  • Why don’t you eat that last donut calling your name?

I could go on, but I’m sure you see how discipline is such an important variable in your success.

It’s a powerful word you might consider to fuel your 2022 success.