Holding your phone wrong?

Photo: carballo (Shutterstock)

I don’t know about you, but this never crossed my mind. How else should we hold our phone?

Apparently, there’s an issue called “smartphone pinkie”, because the smaller size of the pinkie won’t “tolerate the pressure and the positioning as well as a larger digit”. Who knew?

Scheduling Meetings has never been easy!

There are some handy tools to schedule meetings, including Doodle to Calendly. [No affiliate links.]

I’ve used them both and find both of them useful. But, some people seem to think that offering a link for people to get on your calendar makes you look like a jerk.

What are the best scheduling apps and etiquette considerations?

We’re all tired of masks but do you know how they work?

We’re sick of seeing them and probably even more sick of wearing them, but do we understand HOW the N95 mask works to block the potentially virus-carrying respiratory blob?¬†

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