These provocative quotes are worth considering.

Sometimes, there are just too many quotes to pick one. This week, I’m sharing several of them with you. Each of them is provocative, so take a moment to consider their meaning for your life, particularly in the workplace.

Winston Churchill Navy SEALS Andy Stanley Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill practiced what he preached and often called for “a premium on effort” and “a penalty on inertia”.

If you’re not careful, you’ll conclude that it rhymes with the rewards that so many dislike about giving trophies to every team in a young sports league regardless of their success. I don’t support that practice, and while I get that it’s intended to reward everyone for participating, it also fails to teach the lessons those young athletes will face later in life.

Churchill’s remark is intended to “favor grace” for those who try hard, and distaste for those who aren’t trying hard.

I can get behind that sentiment. How about you? Share your thoughts in the comments below


“The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology.”

The Navy SEALS have a lot of mantras and aphorism that define their commitment and experience.

This one is quite provocative. I don’t think you’ll find it easy to come up with a “correct action” that meets this simple standard:

  • No explanation required.
  • No apology required.

Got one?

Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley is a terrific speaker who anchored the annual Leadercast event for many years.

He’s also a prolific author and in his book, Making Vision Stick, he provides invaluable advice about how to make sure the VISION for your organization is always front and center.

This statement hands you a ticket to vulnerability, the ability to share with your team that you’re imperfect but haven’t lost sight of your goals.

“I think it is important for them to know that my passion comes and goes, but my commitment to what we are doing never wanes.”