Will the Workplace ever be the same?

Remote Work is the Order of the Day

“The old model of work wasted people’s time.”

He’s the CEO of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. They have 1,876 employees in 97 countries that work on an “asynchronous” basis, setting their own schedules. See how it all works and if there are ideas you can apply to your workplace. [WSJ. Paywall likely.]

Of course, work-from-home has its abusers …

One reason people want to keep working remotely? They have 2 jobs!

Of course, there’s the flip side ….

… which is the Age of the Burnout Epidemic. Some believe it’s because we allowed work to be what gave our lives meaning.

Why are they leaving … and how can you keep them?

One military veteran knows why your employees are leaving. Adria Horn is a lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserve and an army veteran who served five tours of duty overseas between 2003 and 2010, who says:

“Employees don’t know why employees are leaving.”

You’ll find some powerful insights into this conundrum here..

[Author’s Note: I agree with the general theory … but I think when employees and leaders alike fall into the abyss of “uncertainty”, no one functions very well.]

One More Idea ….

Employers are looking everywhere, including under the mattress, to find incentives that will differentiate them from other employers and attract high-performing employees.

Why Generous Parental Leave Gives You a Competitive Edge.

There’s even more …

The Wall Street Journal has established The Workplace Report if you want to keep up with all the changes they’re covering. [Subscription required.]

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